Play the world's first and most-advanced Slack-based RPG.

An RPG in Slack? Thank GOD, right? Someone finally decided to make a USEFUL Slack bot. Add the Chat & Slash bot to your team to play today!

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Quick Play Sessions

There's no need to schedule dozens of people for a raid just to make progress, you do that enough already at work! It's easy to play for just a few minutes on your break or lunch and make meaningful progress.

Plus, the game is turn-based, so you can pick up where you left off at a moment's notice!


Actually Fun (I Know, Right?)

Sure, you're just clicking buttons and reading text, but there's tactical depth to the combat and strategic depth when you're considering how to grow your character.

Modern MMOs are frequently just a layer of graphics on top of text-based games anyway. We're just getting back to that old-school feel and fun.

Play Your Way

Pick a Profession and your style of play changes. Maybe you want to focus on magic, or a solid defence, or all-out attacks? Well, try a Profession that appeals to you and go wild!

Plus, mastering a Profession grants permanent character bonuses that apply when you try out other ones!

Dozens of Enemies

Every enemy is different! Some are stronger, some are weaker, and some have special attacks you have to watch out for and react to.

Learning which enemy has what tricks up their sleeve is a big component to playing optimally.

An Epic and Fun Story

As you progress in the game, you'll uncover more and more of the story of the world, and of the two goddesses - Phaera and Obsidia - who rule over it.

Phaera grants you eternal life, while Obsidia wants to destroy all that lives, but is that really what's going on?

What people are saying:

Chad Chabot

Chat & Slash brings me back to a time of screeching modems, green text on a black screen, and non-interlaced GIFs.


If you have any questions or are running into any problems, please email

Don't be shy! I don't bite!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The bot's not responding to any commands, why?

A: The bot only has access to private channels, not public ones. Make a private channel, invite the bot (/invite @chatandslash), and then try starting the game (/chatandslash).

Q: Okay, the game’s started. What do I do?

A: Chat & Slash is a classic text-based RPG, though updated a little to be able to take advantage of some of Slack’s modern UI features, like buttons, dropdowns, and dialogs. Use the buttons to explore the world, get in fights, and follow the story. To start, there’s a Green Dragon in the nearby town that’s been upsetting the local population. Head into the woods and start your investigation!

Q: Whoof, there’s a lot of numbers and acronyms. What are HP, MP, AP, XP, and SP?

A: Yeah, you’re not wrong. Many of these will be familiar to old-school RPG veterans, but if you’re new, they can get very confusing. One of the unfortunate limitations of the medium is a heavy reliance on short-forms and acronyms, but hopefully once you learn them, it’ll become second-nature to you. To help, here’s a list of definitions:

  • HP: Health Points. When these reach 0, you die. Phaerah will pop in and bring you back to life, but everything has it’s cost…
  • MP: Magic Points: Once you learn magic, you’ll spend these to cast spells.
  • AP: Action Points: Every time you Explore, you’ll spend an Action Point until you run out. These regenerate at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes, and on the weekends, you have a max of 10 instead of the normal 5, because, well, you’re likely not at work.
  • XP: eXperience Points: If you earn enough of these, you’ll level up, and gain more HP and MP, and access to more weapons, armour, and items!
  • SP: Skill Points: Before long, you’ll meet a Trainer who will let you spend SP on learning new combat skills and attributes. Make sure to go back regularly to keep growing stronger!